Volume 18

Volume 18 (2003)

Issue 1 (Spring 2003)

Why Rural Matters 2003: The Continuing Need For Every State to Take Action on Rural Education
E. Beeson & M. Strange

Disentangling the Effects of Nonmetro Location and Student Poverty on School Performance/Improvement: Implications for Equitable Excellence in Kentucky Public Schools
E. B. Reeves

Reading First Initiative in Rural Pennsylvania Schools
J. Edmondson & P. Shannon

NCLB-A Threat or a Challenge to Public Education? A Reply to Edmondson and Shannon
M. J. Opuda

Taking the Road Less Traveled: A Reply to Edmondson and Shannon
M. Arnold

A Rejoinder to Opuda and Arnold
P. Shannon, J. Edmondson

Mathematics Education in Rural Communities: An Essay on the Parameters of Respectfol Research
C. B. Howley

A Research Agenda for Improving Science and Mathematics Education in Rural Schools
H. L. Harmon, S. A. Henderson, & W. C. Royster

Book Review: High Stakes: Children, Testing, and Failure in American Schools
S. A. Swidler

Book Review: High Stakes: Children, Testing, and Failure in American Schools
J. S. Beaudry

Issue 2 (Fall 2003)

Evaluating Rural Progress in Mathematics Achievement: Threats to the Validity of “Adequate Yearly Progress”
J. Lee

Collaborative Job Training in Rural Areas
G. P. Green, V. Galetto, & A. Haines

Research About Mathematics Achievement in the Rural Circumstance
C. B. Howley & E. Gunn

Using Evaluation to Ensure Quality Professional Development in Rural Schools
K. Mitchem, D. Wells, & J. Wells

The “Real World” Aspirations of Work-Bound Rural Students
B. A. Burnell

The Educational Effects of Rural Adolescents’ Social Networks
K. Singh & S. Dika

Issue 3 (Winter 2003, Final Print Issue)

Guest Editors’ Introduction to Special Issue: Bush Lessons Down Under
G. Danaher, B. Moriarty, & P. A. Danaher

Situating and Interrogating Contemporary Australian Rural Education Research
B. Moriarty, P. A. Danaher, & G. Danaher

Teacher Collegiality in a Remote Australian School
L. Jarzabkowski

Transient Teachers: Mixed Messages of Schooling in Regional Australia
C. Mills & T. Gale

Does Geography Shape the Nature of an Educational Innovation?
J. Luck

Future Directions: A Model for Educational Partnerships in Australia
B. Moriarty & B. Gray

Space Invaders and Pedagogical Innovators: Regional Educational Understandings from Australian Occupational Travelers
P. A. Danaher, G. Danaher, & B. Moriarty

Beating Around the Bush: Reflections on the Theme
T. Evans