Volume 15

Volume 15 (1999)

Issue 1 (Spring 1999)

Introduction to Special Issue
C. B. Howley & H. L. Harmon

Mandated Achievement in Rural Kentucky: Contrasting Responses
P. J. Kannapel, P. Coe, L. Aagaard, & C. A. Reeves

A Reply to Kannapel, Coe, Aagaard, and Reeves
T. Haas

A Rejoinder to Toni Haas’ Reply
P. J. Kannapel, P. Coe, L. Aagaard, & C. A. Reeves

Educational Attainment, Economic Progress, and the Goals of Education in Rural Communities
R. B. Pittman, D. McGinty, & C. I. Gerstl-Pepin

Academic Achievement of Rural School Students: A Multi-Year Comparison with Their Peers in Suburban and Urban Schools
X. Fan & M. J. Chen

Similar Students-Dissimilar Opportunities for Success: High- and Low-Achieving Elementary Schools in Rural, High Poverty Areas of West Virginia
M. F. Hughes

An Invitation to Discuss Standards in Public Schools
A Policy Statement of the Rural Challenge

Issue 2 (Fall 1999)

The Rural School Problem in 1999: A Review and Critique of the Literature
P. J. Kannapel & A. J. DeYoung

Imagining Rural Life: Schooling as a Sense of Place
M. Bushnell

Rural and Small Town School Counselors
R. E. Pearson & J. M. Sutton, Jr.

Beliefs Regarding Classroom Management Style: Differences Between Urban and Rural Secondary Level Teachers
N. K. Martin & Z. Yin

District Consolidation and Rural School Closure: E Pluribus Unum?
D. Post & A. Stambach

Book Review: There Goes the Neighborhood: Rural School Consolidation at the Grass Roots in Early Twentieth-Century Iowa
P. Theobald

Issue 3 (Winter 1999)

Reform in Small Places: Examining Two Rural Schools’ Implementation of State Reform
N. E. Jennings

Career-Related Predictors of Work-Bound and College-Bound Status of Adolescents in Rural and Nonrural Areas
J. W. Rojewski

The University and the White, Rural Male
M. E. Whiting

Do Rural and Suburban Principals Approach Planning Differently? A Two-State Comparison
C. B. Howley, A. Howley, & W. Larson

Getting Above Our Raising: A Case Study of Women from the Coalfields of Southwest Virginia and Eastern Kentucky
M. D. O’Quinn