Volume 14

Volume 14 (1998)

Issue 1 (Spring 1998)

Crisis in the Heartland: Addressing Unexpected Challenges in Rural Education
J. M. Ispa, K. R. Thornburg, & J. Venter-Barkley

Ambition, Self-concept, and Achievement: A Structural Equation Model for Comparing Rural and Urban Students
R. B. Pittman & M. J. R. Herzog

Twinned Schools in Ontario: A Description and a Comparison
R. Rees & S. Woodward

Evaluation of a Year-Round Schedule in a Rural School District
D. J. Young

Parental Child Care Selection Criteria and Program Quality in Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Communities
K. Murry & S. Herrera

Issue 2 (Fall 1998)

Preparing Special Education Personnel for Rural Schools: Current Practices and Future Directions
B. L. Ludlow

Meeting the Nutrition and Feeding Needs of Children with Disabilities: A Training Model for Health and Education Personnel in the Outer Pacific
W. L. Tada, M. T. Baer, N. B. Robinson, & H. Ichiho

Family-Focused Rural Early Intervention Personnel Preparation: Family Stories and Student Development
G. Butera

Cliques, Clans, Community, and Competence: The Experiences of Students with Behavioral Disorders in Rural School Systems
L. A. Bloom & J. Habel

Where There Are No Therapists: The Related Services Assistant Alternative
N. B. Robinson, W. L. Tada, M. Lee, A. Atkinson, & N. Rekemesik

Special Education: Challenges for Rural School Systems
A. J. Artesani & D. W. Brown

Issue 3 (Winter 1998)

Education, Place, and the Sustainability of Rural Communities in Saskatchewan
T. Wotherspoon

Rural School Funding Inequities: An Analysis of Legal, Political, and Fiscal Issues
J. Dayton

The Relationship Between Grade Configuration and Student Performance in Rural Schools
B. J. Franklin & C. H. Glascock

Rural Perspectives on Special Education in Transition: Public Law 105-17, Amendments to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1997
T. R. Berkeley

Small Primary Schools in Rural Wales: Frameworks of Collaboration
I. Williams & R. Thorpe
Expanding Nonresidential Property Tax Bases for School Finance in New York State: Implications for Student Equity
B. O. Brent

Reply to Brent (1998)
R. E. Townsend

Expanding the Knowledge Base: A Rejoinder to Townsend (1998)
B. O. Brent