Volume 13

Volume 13 (1997)

Issue 1 (Spring 1997)

Comment from Guest Editors
E. Brazee & J. Wilhelm

Building a Community of Designers: Restructuring Learning Through Student Hypermedia Design
J. Erickson

Middle Level School Concerns and Rural School-To-Employment Issues: In Search of Better Ways
C. F. Toepfer, Jr.

New Standards for Teaching Middle School Science: Now That We Have Them, What Do We Do?
R. Harrington

Enhancing Reflective Practice Through Alternative Assessment
L. R. Nelson & F. D. Drake

Meeting National Science Standards in an Integrative Curriculum: Classroom Examples from a Rural Middle Level Program
B. G. Hicks

Student Achievement and Middle Level Programs, Policies and Practices in Rural America: The Case of Community-Based Versus Consolidated Organizations
D. Hough & T. Sills-Briegel

Examining Parental Involvement in Rural, Urban, and Suburban Schools
D. L. Prater, A. B. Bermudez, & E. Owens

Issue 2 (Fall 1997)

Students at Risk in Poor, Rural Areas: A Review of the Research
N. Khattri, K. W. Riley, & M. B. Kane

The Call for Parent Involvement in Rural Communities: Mantra and Mystification
A. Howley, R. Bickel, & M. McDonough

Knowing and Being Known: Parents’ Experiences with Rural Schools
J. McClelland

Perceptions of Child Care in Rural America
K. R. Thornburg, M. C. Mathews, L. Espinosa, & J. Ispa

How to Make Rural Education Research Rural: An Essay at Practical Advice
C. B. Howley

Issue 3 (Winter 1997)

A Comparison of Four Models of Group Efforts and Their Implications for Establishing Educational Partnerships
D. L. Bainer

Secondary Labor in the Meatpacking Industry: Demographic Change and Student Mobility in Rural Iowa Schools
M. A. Grey

Exploring the Use of Rural Community Members In Support of First Grade Readers
B. J. Fox & M. Wright

An Economical, Thorough, and Efficient School System: The West Virginia School Building Authority “Economy of Scale” Numbers
D. H. Purdy

Rural Women in India: Assessment of Educational Constraints and the Need for New Educational Approaches
R. Bhandari & F. J. Smith