Volume 12

Volume 12 (1996)

Issue 1 (Spring 1996)

Corporate Managerialism in a Rural Setting: A Contextualized Case Study
E. Hatton

Principals’ Perceptions of Community and Staff Involvement in Shared Decision Making
D. W. Brown, R. E. Carr, C. M. Perry, & W. G. McIntire

Compounding Disadvantage: The Effects of School and District Size on Student Achievement in West Virginia
C. Howley

Challenges and Strategies for Early Childhood Special Education Services in Florida’s Rural Schools: A DELPHI Study
K. E. Weiss, V. I. Correa

Book Review: The Life and Death of a Rural American High School: Farewell Little Kanawha , (by A. DeYoung)
C. Howley & P. Theobald

Issue 2 (Fall 1996)

Effects of Parental Involvement on Achievement for Students Who Attend School in Rural America
T. Z. Keith, P. B. Keith, K. J. Quirk, E. Cohen-Rosenthal, & B. Franzese

Doctoral Research in Rural Education and the Rural R & D Menu
H. L. Harmon, C. B. Howley, & J. R. Sanders

Action Research for Quality Development in Rural Education in Scotland
J. W. George

Rural Mothers’ Evaluation of the Strong and Weak Points of Child Care
A. M. Atkinson

Extracurricular Participation, School Size, and Achievement and Self-Esteem Among High School Students: A National Look
T. Coladarci & C. D. Cobb

Moving Mountains: Reform, Resistance, and Resiliency in an Appalachian Kentucky High School
M. K. Porter

Baring Our Soles
Y. L. Breen

Book Review: Call School: Rural Education in the Midwest to 1918
E. Hampsten

Issue 3 (Winter 1996)

Dreams, Interests, Aspirations
T. R. Sizer

Toward a Theory of Student Aspirations
R. J. Quaglia & C. D. Cobb

Congruence of Aspirations of Rural Youth With Expectations Held by Parents and School Staff
J. Ley, S. Nelson, & S. Beltyukova

Young Voices from the Rural Midwest
J. J. D´Amico, W. Matthes, A. Sankar, B. Merchant, & M. Zurita

Rural Scholars or Bright Rednecks? Aspirations for a Sense of Place Among Rural Youth in Appalachia
C. B. Howley, H. L. Harmon, & G. D. Leopold

Construct Validity Evidence for the Student Aspirations Survey
J. A. Plucker

Rural Partnerships in New England: Learning from Kids
E. I. Kampits

Youth Realities and Aspirations
H. J. Walberg, R. Greenberg