Volume 11

Volume 11 (1995)

Issue 1 (Spring 1995)

When Moving Up Implies Moving Out: Rural Adolescent Conflict in the Transition to Adulthood
J. M. Hektner

Six Heads Are Better Than One? School-Based Decision Making in Rural Kentucky
P. J. Kannapel, B. D. Moore, P. Coe, & L. Aagaard

The Cultural Contradictions of Middle Schooling for Rural Community Survival
A. J. DeYoung, C. Howley, & P. Theobald

A Model for Professional Development and School Improvement in Rural Schools
D. A. Seltzer & O. T. Himley

Beyond the Conventional Wisdom: A Reply to Sher & Sher (1994)
D. Godden

Beyond the Conventional Wisdom: A Reply to Sher & Sher (1994)
I. Searston

A Rejoinder to Godden (1995) and Searston (1995)
J. P. Sher

Conference Report: Issues Affecting Rural Communities, July 10-15, 1994 – Townsville, Australia
T. Coladarci (Ed.)

Issue 2 (Fall 1995)

Do Standardized Test Scores Influence Parental Choice of High School?
J. Maddaus & S. F. Marion

Comparing Rural Adolescents from Farm and Nonfarm Families
K. Esterman & D. Hedlund

Effects of Gender and Academic-Risk Behavior on the Career Maturity of Rural Youth
J. W. Rojewski, R. C. Wicklein, & J. W. Schell

The Physical Structure of Regional Educational Service Agencies: Implications for Service and Equity Goals
P. F. Galvin

What Do We Know About Rural Child Care? An Overview of Issues
B. A. Beach

Book Review: The Life and Death of a Rural American High School: Farewell Little Kanawha
L. Cuban

Book Review: Integrating Education, Health, and Social Services in Rural Communities: Service Integration Through the Rural Prism
C. E. Mertens

Logic Gone Wrong: A Reply to DeYoung, Howley & Theobald (1995)
J. Wiles

Argument Misguided and Divisive: A Reply to DeYoung, Howley & Theobald (1995)
J. Lipsitz

Revisiting and Extending the Argument: A Rejoinder to Wiles and Lipsitz
A. J. DeYoung, C. Howley, & P. Theobald

Issue 3 (Winter 1995)

The Bauer County Fair: Community Celebration as Context for Youth Experiences of Learning and Belonging
M. K. Porter

“Oh, It Was Different Then!” Case Stories of Unsought Change in the Lives of Three Retired Elementary School Teachers
M. P. Manke

The Role of Rural Schools in Community Development: Policy Issues and Implications
B. A. Miller

Clustering: A Survival Mechanism for Rural Schools in the United Kingdom
M. Galton & L. Hargreaves

Vocational Choice for Senior High School Students in Rural Australian Communities
K. Stevens

Bridging Multiple Worlds: The School Superintendent as Change Agent in a Rural and Poor School District
A. J. DeYoung