Volume 10

Volume 10 (1994)

Issue 1 (Spring 1994)

Beyond the Conventional Wisdom: Rural Development As If Australia’s Rural People and Communities Really Mattered
J. P. Sher & K. R. Sher

The Rural Education Research and Development Centre
D. McSwan

A Background to Rural Education Schooling in Australia
A. H. Higgins

Educational Policy and the Australian Rural Economy
P. Share, G. Lawrence, & C. Boylin

Policy, Practice, and Need in the Professional Preparation of Teachers for Rural Teaching
I. W. Gibson

Australian Developments in Distance Education and Their Implications for Rural Schools
K. Stevens

Issue 2 (Fall 1994)

Volumes | Journal of Research in Rural Education
Construction a Culture of Community: The Contributions of Rural Youth
A. Smithmier

Multi-level Analyses of Television Viewing Among High School Students: A Contrast Between Nonmetropolitan Rural and Other Communities
Y. Sun, D. Hobbs, W. Elder, & Y. Li

Student-Centered Learning Communities: Teachers’ Perspectives
A. Deay & J. F. Saab

A Review of Research on Small-School Student Participation in Extracurricular Activities
N. G. Stevens, & G. L. Peltier

A Literary Collage of Rural Life
M. Anderson

Distance Education in Rural Schools: Technologies and Practice
B. O. Barker & R. F. Hall

Book Review: Endangered Spaces, Enduring Places: Change, Identity, and Survival in Rural America
J. Elliott

Book Review: A Social History of the English Countryside
P. Theobald

Issue 3 (Winter 1994)

Introduction: Implications of Recent Changes in Nonmetropolitan America
J. R. Sanders

Rural America in the Global Economy: Socioeconomic Trends
D. A. McGranahan

Demographic Trends in Nonmetropolitan America
D. Hobbs

Political Trends Affecting Nonmetropolitan America
P. M. Nachtigal

Recent Education Trends and Their Hypothesized Impact on Rural Districts
E. R. Stephens

Implications for Systemic Education-and Societal-Reform: A Discussion of McGranahan, Hobbs, Nachtigal, and Stephens
R. D. Bhaerman

Implications of Recent Changes in Nonmetropolitan America: A Discussion of McGranahan, Hobbs, Nachtigal, and Stephens
S. Nelson