Volume 09

Volume 9 (1993)

Issue 1 (Spring 1993)

Supporting Teachers with Telecommunication: The LabNetwork
R. Ruopp, M. Pfister, B. Drayton, & S. Gal

A Community of Learning
G. M. Walker

Ready for a Change
T. Thompson

Anatomy of a Small Failure
S. Rhoades

Report from Alaska
J. Cadigan

Science-Related Telecommunication
N. Anderson

Teachers and Teaching
S. Gal

Students and Learning
R. Ruopp

Environmental Barriers to Networking
W. Spitzer

A Concluding Reflection
R. Ruopp

Issue 2 (Fall 1993)

The Rural Teacher in the Early 1900s: Sentimental Image and Hard Reality
Thinking Locally, Acting Globally

Small Schools and Higher-Order Thinking Skills
E. J. Haller, D. H. Monk, & L. T. Tien

A Territorial Imperative: The Authority of the State to Reorganize Public Schools and Districts
C. B. Howley

Rural Distress and Survival: The School and the Importance of “Community”
B. A. Miller

The Effects of an Aging Rural Population on the Financing of Rural Public Education
S. C. Deller & N. Walzer

Book Review: Rural Policies for the 1990s
P. M. Nachtigal

Book Review: Community and the Politics of Place
P. Theobald

Book Review: Small Districts, Big Problems: Making Schools Everybody’s House
D. Hobbs

Thinking Locally, Acting Globally
Y. L. Breen

Issue 3 (Winter 1993)

Laotian Refugees in a Small-Town School: Contexts and Encounters
T. Schram

Mitigating Disadvantage: Effects of Small-Scale Schooling on Student Achievement in Alaska
G. Huang & C. Howley

Listening to Rural Adolescents: Views on the Rural Community and the Importance of Adult Interactions
D. Hedlund

Factors, Issues, and Problems in the Recruitment and Retention of Teachers for Rural Schools
V. J. Storey

Another Look at Rural-Nonrural Differences in Students’ Educational Aspirations
E. J. Haller & S. J. Virkler

The New Rural School in Upper Galilee (Eretz Israel) at the Beginning of the 20th Century
Y. Dror

Book Review: Rural Education: Issues and Practices
J. D. Spears