Volume 08

Volume 8 (1992)

Issue 1 (Winter 1992)

The Condition of the Diverse Regions of Rural America
E. R. Stephens

Informing Policymakers About the Impact of State Funding Formula Components on Rural Schools
G. R. Bass, D. Verstegen

Town Tuitioning in Maine: Parental Choice of Secondary Schools in Rural Communities
J. Maddaus & D. A. Mirochnik

Evaluating the Benefits of a Computer Based Telecommunication Network: Telementoring and Teletraining for Educators in Rural Areas
R. M. Kendall

Funding Inequities in New Hampshire School Districts: Political Realities and Public Attitudes
V. E. Garland

Country Kids, City Kids: Community Context and Geopolitical Identity
J. A. Gamradt & P. G. Avery

Effects of Human Capital and Social Capital on Dropping Out of High School in the South
M. H. Smith, L. J. Beaolieu & G. D. Israel

Rural Special Education Placements: Stability and Change
D. W. Halgren & H. F. Clarizio

Issue 2 (Summer 1992)

Differences Between Rural and Nonrural Secondary Science Teachers: Evidence From the Longitudinal Study of American Youth
W. S. Carlsen & D. H. Monk

Analysis of Local Stakeholder Opposition to School District Consolidation: An Application of Interpretive Theory to Public Policy Making
J. G. Ward & F. J. Rink

The Organizational Socialization of Rural High School Principals: Teacher Influences
J. C. Hurley

Classifying Extraordinary State Policy Strategies for Assisting Rural School Districts
E. R. Stephens

Quest for Educational Equality: The Case of a Rural Pre-Service Teacher Education Program
V. J. Storey

Grade Span and Eighth-Grade Academic Achievement: Evidence From a Predominantly Rural State
D. F. Wihry, T. Coladarci & C. Meadow

Issue 3 (Fall 1992)

J. D. Stern

Mapping the Research Task for the Construction of a Federal System for Classifying the Nation’s Rural School Districts
E. R. Stephens

An Analysis of Selected Economic, Social, and Fiscal Indicators for Nonmetropolitan School Classification Schemes
R. J. Reeder

The Use of Census Geography and County Typologies in the Construction of Classification Systems for Rural Schools and Districts
W. L. Elder

Toward the Construction of a Federal Policy-Impact Code for Classifying the Nation’s Rural School Districts: A Response to Stephens, Reeder, and Elder
P. M. Nachtigal

More Questions Than Answers: A Response to Stephens, Reeder, And Elder
R. D. Bhaerman