Volume 07

Volume 7 (1990-91)

Issue 1 (Fall 1990)

A Review of the Quantitative Research on Multigrade Instruction
B. A. Miller

Economies of Scale and Rural Schools
R. J. Tholkes & C. H. Sederberg

Public School Educators’ Knowledge of Selected Supreme Court Decisions Affecting Daily Public School Operations
G. L. Reglin

A Rural School/Community: A Case Study of a Dramatic Turnaround and Its Implications for School Improvement
R. V. Carlson

Investing in Adult Continuing Education as a Strategy for Rural Economic Development
A. B. Moore & K. McNamara

Rural Teachers’ Perceptions of Support for Program Change
E. E. Newton

Coping Strategies of Farm and Ranch Men
H. K. Light, R. E. Martin & D. Hertsgaard

Effectiveness of Visual Imagery Versus Role-Based Strategies in Teaching Spelling to Learning Disabled Students
C. Darch & R. G. Simpson

Issue 2 (Winter 1991)

A Review of the Qualitative Research on Multigrade Instruction
B. A. Miller

The Financial Effects of Consolidation
J. S. Streifel, G. Foldesy & D. M. Holman

Country Lifers Reconsidered: Educational Reform for Rural America
P. G. Theobald

Differences Between Rural and Urban Schools, Student Characteristics, and Student Aspirations in Ohio
J. D. McCracken & J. D. T. Barcinas

Adult Education as a Response to the Rural Crisis: Factors Governing Utility and Participation
P. A. Sundet & M. W. Galbraith

The Farm Apprenticeship Scheme in Australia: How Different Groups Look at It
A. Blum

Confronting Educational Barriers to Rural Adults: A 13-State Survey
S. E. Easton

Bridging the Gap Between High School and College in an Appalachian State: A Near-Replication of Florida Research
R. N. Bickel, S. R. Banks & L. Spatig

An Agenda for Research and Development on Rural Education
U. S. Department of Education

Issue 3 (Summer 1991)

Community Schools in The National Context: The Social and Cultural Impact of Educational Reform Movements on American Rural Schools
A. J. DeYoung & P. Theobald

School, Classroom, and Student Level Indicators of Rural School Effectiveness
S. Stringfield & C. Teddlie

A Programmatic Viability Model for Planning Rural School District Organizations
C. H. Sederberg

A Persistent Challenge: Staffing Special Education Programs in Rural Schools
N. D. Theobald

School Board Presidents Describe Critical Incidents with Superintendents
M. L. Grady & M. T. Bryant

The Shared Superintendency
R. H. Decker & A. P. Talbot