Volume 06

Volume 6 (1989-90)

Issue 1 (Spring 1989)

Teacher Retention and Satisfaction: A Comparison of M.A.T and B.S./B.A. Graduates in Teacher Education
W. A. Matthes & W. E. Duffy

The Great Plains Rural Secondary Principal: Aspirations and Reality
E. Chance & C. Lingren

Staff Development Research and Rural Schools: A Critical Appraisal
P. F. Kleine & F. H. Wood

Rural Public School Dropouts: Findings from High School and Beyond
E. McCaol

Capital Outlay Funding as an Educational Equity Issue: An Empirical Examination
D. C. Thompson, G. K. Stewart, & W. E. Camp

Efficiency and the Characteristics of School Districts: A Study of 178 School Districts in Kentucky
C. B. Howley

Training Needs of Rural Special Educators in Louisiana
H. B. Reiff & P. L. Anderson

The Effects of a Dance Movement Education Curriculum on Selected Psychomotor Skills of Children in Grades K-8
A. Ross & S. A. Butterfield

Issue 2 (1989)

Student Aspirations: National and International Perspectives
H. J. Walberg

Student Aspirations: A Critical Dimension in Effective Schools
R. Quaglia

Vocational and Educational Aspirations of High School Students: A Problem for Rural America
R. A. Cobb, W. G. McIntire, & P. A. Pratt

The Rural Economy and Rural Youth: Challenges for the Future
J. N. Reid

Approaches to Dropout Prevention: The Philosopher’s Stone Revisited
E. McCaol

First Generation College Students: Are They at Greater Risk for Attrition Than Their Peers
P. A. Pratt, C. T. Skaggs

Enhancing Student Aspirations: A Goal for Comprehensive Developmental Guidance Programs
D. T. Breen

Family Structure Variables as Predictors of Educational and Vocational Aspirations of High School Seniors
T. D. Hansen & W. G. McIntire

Maine’s Aspirations Movement: Reaching Out to Youth
B. Preble, P. Phillips, & H. McGinley

A Conceptual Framework for the Study of Aspirations
R. A. Sherwood

Issue 3 (Winter 1990)

An Examination of State Accreditation Practices for Education Service Agencies
E. R. Stephens

The Shadowed Face of Staff Development: Rural Schools
G. Sly, R. Everett, F. O. McQuarrie, & F. H. Wood

Community Factors Threatening Rural School District Stability
M. T. Bryant & M. L. Grady

Toward an Alternative Research Paradigm for Small/Rural Schools: Beyond an Approximated Reality
R. L. Dobson & J. E. Dobson

Preparing Rural Administrators: What Do They Need? What Do They Want?
S. L. Jacobson & B. Woodworth

Visuospatial and Verbal-Sequential Performance of Rural Remote Alaskan Native, Urban Alaskan Native, and Urban Alaskan White Male Children
T. A. Lipinski, T. N. Fairchild, & D. Everson

The Teaching Principal
M. L. Grady

Year-long In-Service Science Workshop: Changing Attitudes of Elementary Teachers Toward Science and Science Teaching
B. L. Bitner