Volume 05

Volume 5 (1988-89)

Issue 1 (Winter 1988)

The Federated District – A Planning Model for Rural Schools
C. H. Sederberg

School Size and Unit Costs: International Evidence and its Usefulness
M. Bray

Gender, Urbanicity, and Ability
T. Coladarci & W. G. McIntire

Work Environment Perspectives of School Guidance Counselors in Isolated Settings
J. M. Suttonv

The South Dakota Rural Principal: Characteristics and Leadership Style
E. W. Chance & C. Lingren

Learning Style Variations Between Rural and Urban Students
D. E. Cox, E. K. Sproles & G. B. Sproles

Rural Superintendents View Their Role: Ranking the Issues
V. A. Ferre, M. K. Chang & B. Lotven

Gender Differences in Child Development Knowledge of Rural Parent and Non-Parent Adults
J. R. Bollock

Issue 2 (Spring 1988)

The Matter of Size: A Review of the Research on Relationships Between School and District Size, Pupil Achievement and Cost
A. D. Swanson

Districts on the Edge: The Impact of Urban Sprawl on a Rural Community
P. Theobald

The Educational and Occupational Expectations of Rural Ohio Tenth- and Twelfth-Grade Students
K. S. Odell

Rural Teachers’ Perceptions of Their School and Communities
J. D. McCracken & C. Miller

Vocational Assessment of Learning Disabled Students Using the SDS-Ev
J. L. Winer, R. A. Pierce, & D. O. Wilson

Preparing Regular/Special Education Teachers for Rural Schools: Perceptions of Interest and Capability
D. Yellin, K. S. Boll & M. M. Warner

The Rural Superintendency: Reconsidering the Administrative Farm System
S. L. Jacobson

Research on the Provision of Education in the New South Wales Central School
C. Boylan

Issue 3 (Winter 1989)

Socialization of the Beginning Teacher: A Theoretical Model from the Empirical Literature
R. Quaglia

Comparative Effects of Demographic and Economic Change on Rural and Other School Districts
C. H. Sederberg & V. L. Hendrix

Capital Outlay as an Educational Equity Issue: A Review of Educational Research and Legal Opinion
D. C. Thompson, W. E. Camp & G. K. Stewart

Instruction Via Satellite Television: An Exploratory Analysis of Teacher Effectiveness
B. O. Barker & K. R. Patrick

Gender Differences in the Educational and Occupational Expectations of Rural Ohio Youth
K. S. Odell

Comprehension Instruction for High School Learning Disabled Students
C. Darch

Attitudes Concerning Extended Teacher Education Programs: A Rural/Urban Comparison
K. S. Boll, M. M. Warner, D. Yellin, D. W. Robinson, & G. C. Neuberger

Rural and Urban Differences in Educational Placements
R. L. Swanby

Secondary Science Education Library Resources for New England’s Teacher Education Programs
L. H. Barrow