Volume 04

Volume 4 (1987)

Issue 1 (Winter 1987)

Preservice Programs for Rural Environments: Survey and Recommendations
B. J. Jones

Teacher Expectations as a Political Issue in Rural Alaska Schools
J. Kleinfeld & W. McDiarmid

Language Comprehension of Rural Chicano and Anglo Kindergarten Children
W. Little & M. Contreras

Role Management, Educational Satisfaction, and Role Dynamics in Post-Secondary, Re-Entry Women
M. E. Edmondson, D. C. Payne, & E. R. Patton

The Potential of Agriculture in Science Teaching
A. Dreyfus

Resisting the Obvious: State Policy Initiatives for Rural School Improvement Should Not Mean Just Another Round of Massive School Reorganization
E. R. Stephens

The Relationship of Instructional Practices to Student Learning in Rural Schools
J. P. Dolly & D. P. Katz

Strategies for Assessing the Unique Strengths, Needs, and Visions of Rural Science Teachers
G. Shroyer & L. Enochs

Issue 2 (Spring 1987)

Evaluating the Performance of a Rural, Field-Based Teacher Training Program
J. M. Booker & R. E. Riedl

Toward a Research Agenda for Rural Education: Discovering the Essence
R. L. Dobson & J. E. Dobson

An Exploratory Analysis of the Structure of Homework Assignments in High Schools
J. Murphy, K. Decker, C. Chaplin, R. Dagenais, J. Heller, R. Jones, & M. Willis

Should Rural Gifted Education Be Different? A Survey of Teacher Educators
K. S. Boll & A. Fishkin

Rural Teachers’ Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Various Supervisory Practices
J. Levin, N. Hoffman, & B. J. Badiali

Rural School Superintendents: A National Study of Perspectives of Board Presidents
R. L. Kennedy & B. O. Barker

The Academic Preparation of Idaho Science Teachers Based on School District Size
M. W. Heikkinen

District Size, Teacher Qualifications, and Pupil Performance in Maine School Districts
R. Moreau

Issue 3 (Fall 1987)

Compliance with PL94-142 Mandates: Implications for Rural Teacher Training Programs
S. Silver

Evaluation of the Williamsburg County Direct Instruction Program: Factors Leading to Success in Rural Elementary Programs
C. Darch, R. Gersten, & R. Taylor

School District Size, Student Achievement and High School Course Offerings in Connecticut
S. A. Melnick, M. R. Shibles, & R. K. Gable

Economic Role of School Districts in Rural Communities
C. H. Sederberg

How Clientele With Varying Education Levels View Extension Dissemination Methods
J. O. Obahayujie & J. Hillison

Educational and Occupational Aspirations of Rural Youth: A Review of the Literature
P. S. MacBrayne

Adult Education and Community Development in the West of Ireland
M. S. Cinneide

On Myth and Reality: The Stress of Life in Rural America
T. D. Hansen