Volume 03

Volume 3 (1985-86)

Issue 1 (Summer 1985)

Rural and Urban Teachers: Differences in Attitudes and Self Concepts
L. L. Trentham & B. B. Schaer

Education and Income: Significant Factors in Life Satisfaction of Farm Men and Women
H. K. Light, D. Hertsgaard, & R. E. Martin

A Qualitative Evaluation Process for Educational Programs Serving Handicapped Students in Rural Areas
L. A. Zeph

Administrative Turnover in Kansas Rural School Districts: 1978-1984
A. P. Wilson, J. M. Heim

Importance of Areas of Preparation for Teaching in Rural/Small Schools
J. G. Horn, P. Davis, R. Hilt

The Small Rural School and In-Service Provision in Science
R. Baker, B. Ambrose

Curricular Offerings in Small and Large High Schools: How Broad is the Disparity
B. Barker

Problems of the Novice Principal
H. B. Alvy, T. Coladarci

Issue 2 (Winter 1985)

Differences in Elementary Math Instruction and Achievement Among Districts of Varying Size in the State of Washington
S. M. Wilson

The Effects of School Enrollment Size in the Middle and Junior High School on Teacher and Student Attitude and Student Self Concept
C. M. Foster & I. Martinez

Longitudinal Determinants of Occupational Plans of Low-Income Rural Young Adults
M. C. Farris, J. C. Boyd, & S. M. Shoffner

Teacher Incentives in Rural Schools
D. F. Reed & D. W. Busby

Phonetically Justified Spelling Strategies of Good and Poor Readers in the Third Grade
H. C. Amoroso

Capital Fund Mechanisms and the Condition of Facilities in Rural and Small Schools
D. S. Honeyman & G. K. Stewart

The Influence of Rural vs. Non-Rural Background and Setting Variables on Psychoeducational Expectations
E. S. Huebner

Availability and Acceptability as Factors in the Delivery of Rural Resource Teacher Service
C. McBurney & R. R. O’Reilly

Issue 3 (Spring 1986)

Establishing an Empirically Determined National Rural Education Research Agenda
D. Helge

Preparing Rural Elementary Teachers
M. K. Campbell

On the Merits of Multiage Classrooms
D. Pratt

The Satisfaction of Alaska’s Isolated Rural Teachers With Their Work Life
J. Kleinfeld & G. W. McDiarmid

Do You Need to Leave Home to Grow Up? The Rural Adolescent’s Dilemma
G. A. Donaldson

One-Room Schools of Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota, California, and Wyoming
B. Barker & I. Muse

Educational Computing in Rural Versus Urban Settings
J. C. Marshall & S. H. Bannon

The Bureaucratization of a County Schools Office: An Historical Field Study of the County Superintendent of School Office
W. E. Hendrick & F. I. Ortiz