Volume 02

Volume 2 (1983-84)

Issue 1 (Spring 1983)

Research Synthesis: Teacher Preparation for Rural Schools
E. Meier & E. D. Edington

The Impact of Collective Bargaining on Schools in a Rural Setting: A Retrospective Assessment
R. A. Engel& D. Else

Elementary School Principals and Leadership Development
J. S. Burgess & R. A. Dermott

The Effect of Setting-Culture Interaction on the Vocational Education of American Indians
J. C. Fortune & S. Blecharczyk

Preparing Protocols for Institutional Review Boards
C. M. Lyons

Applying the National Assessment Model to Research on Rural Social Studies
S. E. Easton

The Pitfalls of Needs Assessments
G. A. Hoke

Courses = Classes: Catch-22 for Small Schools
C. H. Sederberg

Issue 2 (Fall 1983)

Public Libraries and Adult Education: An Historical Review
J. Killacky

Farm Women’s Attitudes Toward Change in Work and Family Roles
H. K. Light, R. E. Martin, & D. Hertsgaard

School Climate and School Effectiveness: Summary of Teacher, Student and Parent Attitudes in One Rural Community
R. W. Maloy & C. A. Seldin

Triple Roles of Appalachian Farm Women: Household, Farm and Wage-Earning
P. L. Burge

Effective School Research: Will It Play in the Country?
J. L. Buttram & R. V. Carlson

Paradise Regained: An Apodictic Analysis of the Relationship Between School Size and Public Achievement
A. Coladarci

A Kindergarten Center
B. H. Gracey, R. N. Kratz, & A. G. Sprenger

An Administrative Perspective on Psychological Services in Rural School Settings
J. McLeskey, J. A. Cummings, E. S. Huebner, & N. L. Waldron

Issue 3 (Winter 1984)

Curriculum Characteristics of Rural School Districts in Thirteen Selected States
B. Barker, I. Muse, & R. Smith

Burnout Among Rural School Psychologists
E. S. Huebner & T. J. Huberty

A Study of Rural Teacher and Administrator Attitudes Toward Instructional Models for Educationally Handicapped Elementary Students
W. Little & A. Cossairt

Teacher Perceptions of Behavior Problems in Small and Large Schools
R. E. Martin, P. Walford-Kraemer, & H. K. Light

Investigation of Student Performance in an Interrelated Service Delivery Approach
C. Cooper, B. Thompson, & G. Gaither

School Psychology Manpower Characteristics and Needs in Rural and Urban Tennessee: A Five Year Follow-up
J. E. DeVore & T. K. Fagan

Teachers’, Board Members’ and Citizens’ Perceptions of Educational Issues: A Comparative Study
J. W. Skehan & J. F. Doughty

Supervision in Rural Schools
D. R. Chamberlain & L. Goldsberry

Issue 4 (Spring 1984)

Parent Attitudes Toward Computer Use By Young Children
P. Healy & G. L. Schilmoeller

Needs in Smaller Schools of the United States
W. Beckner

How Far is the Ivory Tower from Reality in Preparing Teachers for Rural Settings
P. C. Grippin, A. B. Sarachan-Deily, R. M. Medved, & P. E. Lyon

The Delivery of Quality Assessment Services to Rural Handicapped Children
E. S. Huebner, J. A. Cummings, & J. McLeskey

Computer Attitudes and Knowledge in Rural Settings
J. C. Marshall & S. H. Bannon

Attitudes of Maine Cooperative Extension Service Personnel Towards Computerization
J. W. Baker

A Comparison of Rural and Urban Student Participation in High School Correspondence Study
B. Barker & S. Logan

Toward the Construction of a Research and Development Agenda for Rural Education
E. R. Stephens