Volume 01

Volume 1 (1982-83)

Issue 1 (Fall 1982)

An Assessment of Preschool Education Options for Rural and Small Village Areas
W. E. Sawyer & J. C. Sawyer

Elementary Principals and Their School Districts in Three Categories of Ruralness
J. L. Pladson & D. K. Lemon

Folklore and Educational Administration in Alaska: An Ethnographic Study of Rural School Administration
C. D. Rider

Sex Equity for Rural American Women
B. H. Holder

The Influence of Intensive Training in Decoding Skills on Field Dependence-Independence in First Grade Children
R. A. Dermott, D. E. Roberts, & W. G. McIntire

Rural Alaskan Youth’s Attitudes Toward Education
L. Chu & J. Colbertson

Preferred Group Interaction Styles of Rural and Urban Students
R. J. Drummond

Computer Equity for Young Women in Rural Schools
W. M. Mathews & L. W. Winkle

Issue 2 (Winter 1983)

Urban and Rural Families: A Comparative Study of the Impact of Stress on Family Interaction
D. R. Imig

Increased Student Achievement in Reading: One District’s Strategies
L. A. Meyer

The Lack of Parent Participation in Rural Schools
J. P. Dolly & D. P. Page

Native American Lifestyles: Issues for Human Services Professionals
L. Brightman, G. Dana, & S. Marks

Preparing Teachers for Rural Schools
J. Guenther & T. Weible

Teacher Education for Rural Schooling-A Status Report
M. R. Nelson

A Survey of School Psychology Manpower Characteristics in Needs in Rural and Urban Tennessee
T. K. Fagan & J. E. DeVore

Conceptualizing “Rural” for Research in Education: A Sociological Perspective
W.H. Whitaker