Editorial Board Members

Leanne Avery SUNY Oneonta
Amy Azano Virginia Tech
Betsy J. Becker Florida State University
Catharine Biddle University of Maine
Kathryn Brasier Pennsylvania State University
Brian Brent University of Rochester
Soo-Yong Byun Pennsylvania State University
Jason A. Cervone UCLA Center X, Northeast Region
Theodore Coladarci University of Maine
Michael Corbett Acadia University
Hernan Cuervo University of Melbourne
Patrick Danaher University of Southern Queensland
Alan J. DeYoung University of Kentucky
Erica Frankenberg Pennsylvania State University
Edward J. Fuller Pennsylvania State University
Meredith D. Gall University of Oregon
Robert Gibbs Economic Research Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Phillip Grant University of West Georgia
Daniella Hall Clemson University
Patricia Hardre University of Oklahoma
Hobart L. Harmon Independent Consultant
Mary Jean Herzog Western Carolina University
Aimee Howley WordFarmers Associates
Craig Howley WordFarmers Associates
Matthew Irvin University of South Carolina
Patricia Kannapel CNA Institute for Public Research
Jaekyung Lee SUNY Buffalo
Xiao Li Washington State University
Barbara L. Ludlow West Virginia University
Amir Marvasti Penn State Altoona
Annie Maselli Pennsylvania State University
Edward J. McCaul College for Life-Long Learning
Diane McLaughlin Pennsylvania State University(Emeritus)
Darris R. Means University of Pittsburgh
David H. Monk Pennsylvania State University
Dennis M. Mulcahy Memorial University of Newfoundland
Eric Pandiscio University of Maine
Kimberly Powell Pennsylvania State University
Esther Prins Pennsylvania State University
Philip Roberts University of Canberra
John W. Sipple Cornell University
Erin McHenry Sorber West Virginia University
Jacqueline D. Spears Kansas State University
Christopher Stapel Metropolitan State University
Rebecca Tarlau Pennsylvania State University
Paul Theobald Buena Vista University
Michelle Tine Dartmouth College
Sheneka Williams University of Georgia